Published on March 23, 2005 By Mallory Lernihan In Blogging
Listening has never been my strong suit. Always known for talking my way through anything, I have never quit perfected my listening skills, which sadly puts me at a disadvantage. As our class experiment proved, listening is a key characteristic if one hopes to find any success in their life. Whether it is a business issue or a personal issue, if you do not listen, you usually accomplish nothing. When the girls went behind the screen to give directions, I could not help but notice how much smoother the second round ran. Obviously the option of asking questions would help improve the results, but I was amazed by how much. This excersise proved that listening is a two way street, and if one person talks and the others tune them out, the first person should just save their breath. In my own experience I have seen many leaders misconstrude the effectiveness of listening as they think it only pertains to people listening to them. However, I know that these people are in for a rude awakening because in order for a group to succeed that communication channel must be open both ways, the leader needs to listen just as much as the group members.
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