Jack Welsch
Published on March 22, 2005 By Mallory Lernihan In Blogging
After watching the video on Jack Welsch, I could not help but ponder on his concept of firing. Each year ridding his company of the bottom 10%, keeping only the most productive employees, which earned him the nameNeutron Jack, caught my attention. Is this concept all it is cracked up to be and how do the employees respond to such a harsh policy. After thinking about my personal reaction, I would like to hear the honest truth. Too many bosses tell their employees what they want to hear, leaving them in the dark about their true performance level. Like Jack Welsch said, It would be much worse to have a 45 year old man with three kids in college and a mortgage to be let go, then a younger man who still has opportunities to improve and move on to becoming a better employee. I personally like this policy because it keeps the employees on their toes, constantly keeping their work at a competitive level to ensure their time at GE. Many I had talked to thought this concept was cruel, because no one deserves to hear such brutal honesty. Whatever the answers might be to these questions, Jack Welsch is on to something with his vigorous plan. In my eyes, there are two ways to look at this, the smart ones fix what their problems were and become a much more productive employee at another company, and the others continue to disbelieve their shortcomings and continue to coast along in life.
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